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Pritchard Loop - Nature

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Pritchard Loop is a lovely half-mile walk through Oak-Hickory-Pine Forest and successional meadow, reserved for the City's future rural cemetery expansion. Nine stations have been laid out with What3words app to help not only identify where you are for emergency reasons but so you can post what you saw along the way in the beautiful woods. We saw a beautiful turkey buzzard that had a great time watching us. We also saw an enormous fire ant hill. They live in trees in areas had roots you need to be careful of. Please take more pictures and share them with us here or in the gallery. Using the Inaturalist app there we will find more identifiable plants and animals. We walked by a lovely field that was abloom with wildflowers. Wish we had more time to take more pictures and identify all that we saw. It would be a great place to take children. Let them take pictures and help them become our future naturalists. Please download to begin your journey in the world of science with our community of naturalists.

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