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Pritchard Loop - Wellness

Updated: May 17, 2022

Pritchard Loop is a beautiful half-mile trail that is an easy walk. It is located at the end of Kolb street right across the railroad tracks. It is an easy run with a few areas that have live roots you should watch for. You will run by the cemetery to the east some beautiful fields and a beautiful wooded area. It is amazingly quiet.

Track your routes and miles with Map My Walk by Under Armour. The app gives you feedback after every mile; as you walk, the app uses GPS, so you can see your distance, pace, speed, and calories burned over the elapsed time. You can save your routes to keep a log for reference (or social media bragging rights!). Plus, you can choose another route

that a nearby Map My Walk user uploaded. You can even connect with friends to motivate one another. Click to learn more


Another option is as a community we build our own with local experts and enthusiasts by utilizing the What3Words app. Creating stations and sharing information and ideas on how to use the trail for our fitness. We

could set it up for different levels or ages. It will be as good as we are as a community to gather interest.

Below is an example of what can be done with stations. We do not need equipment as much as we need where and how to make the "when" and what the what "happens". The why part is easy, healthy living with social interaction and a community of support. We could also do both. Get your friends and relatives to check it out with you.

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